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Dari (Dori) McQuarrie (Scott)
VP Marketing/Communications Married 2 Mr. Powell - Art, Pam Jensen - P.E. Arlene Colton - Soc. Studies: History 4th grade teacher, Sales Rep for IBM, GT Teacher - Elementary, Coordinator, Administrator and Director of Non Profit Currently serving on the U of U Alumni Board of Directors. Currently a V.P. of Marketing/Communications at National Energy Foundation - non profit education foundation. Parents passed away in 2002. Have lived in Chicago, Ill. Charlotte, N.C. as well as SLC. Son Jake is a radio personality on 1280 The Zone (Sports Radio) - very proud of him. I still have a lot to learn.
Married 31 years to J. Holland (Hollie) Scott
Sons: Jake Scott - 27, Mac Scott 21

Most vivid memory of high school:  Taking State in Football Fall of 1967 for the 1st time in school history.
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Galen Merrell
Engineer/Layout and Design
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Richard Miller
Land Surveyor Divorced 2 Army, Special Forces. Land Surveying since 1972, licensed since 1978. Started my own company, Miller Associates in 1985 - surveying, planning, civil engineering. A lot of bowling years ago, I have a total of 14 City and State Championship Awards. Now my hobby is golf. I'm a member of Alpine Country Club. Married at 36, divorced at 51. You've got to stay within yourself and not let outside influences get to you. Keep plugging away. It will all work out. It's when you quit that you drown. Still having fun!
Daughter, Jacque 20
Son, Jonathan 18
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Kay Miner (Mumford)
Professional House Cleaner - 13 years Married 6 Mrs. Carolee Stout. She was my "advisor" when it came to dating the boys. Four - (count'em four!) marriages later, I finally "got it" right. I've been married to Dave Mumford for almost 4 years. It took going through all those marriages and experiences to finally figure out how to be in a truly, happy marriage. Stay positive - keep a good attitude - and don't give up on life and love.
6 married children.  Expecting our 20th grandchild in December.

Most vivid memory: Friday afternoon football games.
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Connie Monson (Good)
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Head Counselor, Manti High School Married 6 Donald Rippling Teacher, Counselor - Provo High and Manti High Graduated from BYU. Taught health and Drill Team at Provo High 3 years. Moved to Manti, Utah 1975. Spent 10 years at home raising my kids. Began teaching at Manti High School 1986 health, sociology, psychology. Master's degree 1996 Psychology, Counseling USU. Joined the counseling department 1996. Head counselor 2003 and plan to stay until I give up. Family is more lasting than school friends. Doctors aren't all knowing. Life would have been easier if I had had the self-confidence in high school that I have now.
Married Leslie Good.  Together we have six childen.  I have three - girl, boy, girl.  My husband has three boys.
Most vivid memory of high school:  Choir classes
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Kent Morrison
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Mathematician Married 3 Mrs. Silcox - AP English; Mrs. Fernandez - Math Married to Estelle Basor. We have two daughters Sally and Rebecca and one son Steven Cranford. We taught math for 30 years at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. My last nine years I was department chair. Since 2008 we have been with the American Institute of Mathematics (AIM) located in San Jose. We live in Palo Alto but we have kept our house in San Luis Obispo and get down there when we can. I continue to work on research projects in mathematics with various collaborators. Since 2010 I have directed the AIM Open Textbook Initiative whose goal is to encourage the use and development of open source textbooks for undergraduate math courses ( I also manage to play tennis regularly. My stepson Steven lives in Watsonville with his wife and two children. Our daughter Sally has a learning center and tutoring business in the Pasadena area and lives in San Marino with her husband and two children. Our youngest, Rebecca, is a postdoc at MIT in computational science and engineering and looking forward to starting at the Univ. of Colorado as an assistant professor in computer science in 2018.
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Janet Muir
manager at management consulting firm Married 2 Miss Beal Entertainment lawyer in Beverly Hills; Associate Publisher of Elle Magazine (I have NO fashion sense!); manager at two international consulting firms. Very happy to have the children semi-launched! Great husband whose acting career has helped us travel the country and world. We have a little place in Eden, Utah near Laura Powell. The beat goes on. - "Perform in disaster, deliver in style." (motto of the Madeira School) - If you don't know what to do, just keep trying to improve on the worst. Doing so will often solve the problem. - Keep your life and baggage light; you will be able to take advantage of more varied opportunities.
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Katheryne Muir (MacGill)
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Substitute teacher Married 2
My two sons are now in High School, it is a kick to sub in High School now too. What fun we had and wonderful memories. Utah is a distant land to me but I am excited to come. I graduated from BYU, served a mission in Holland, had a 12 year career in  HR and politically active forever, married just after our 20 year reunion, lived in Long Island, Dallas and now Colorado Springs . Now in my old age I joined Sweet Adeline's, D.U.P. and stopped coloring my hair yesterday. I enjoy this age. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Send Katheryne a MessageSend Katheryne a Message
Ned Nerdin
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Minister, Guitar Player, Lover of Life Married 2
I joined up with the planning committe meeting and it was great to meet up with old acquaintances and plan for a great weekend for all in September.

The Past 40 years has been an interesting ride.  I have been through 2 completely different occupations, one in customer service/management and one in technology/computers.  Along with the changes in jobs also changes in spouses.  I am now married to my soul mate, Colleen and just simply loving life, and as Doug said, "Playing".

Still playing guitar in two different bands, one with 6 doctors who work at Primary and Shriner's hospital and another that is doing mainly my original music,

Looking forward to seeing all of you in September
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Tina Ohlson (Maasberg)
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Math Teacher - Skyline High School Married 4 Donald Ripplinger and Bill Earl Marketing Rep IBM Corp...Math Teacher at Skyline for the past 18 years
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