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Robert Kronner
Tamara Kruger (Kempe)
homemaker Married 4 registered nurse, homemaker, helped with husband's business during the busy times. Lived in the NW since 1977. Our son is in the Marines. Our daughters have all graduated from college (2 masters degrees, 1 bachelors). I've worked (volunteered) with the Boy Scouts of America for 17 years working with units and doing training and running Cub Scout Day Camps. It's interesting to see how life unfolds and where we all end up. High school is only one step on the path of life.
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Kurt Lindorff
Auto Dealership - Engine Building Machine Shop Military (Army) Construction - BMW Western District V.P.
Christine Lorenzen (Keim)
Dental Office Receptionist/Accounts receivable Married 3 Mrs. Ross (Latin) Teacher, Day Care Provider We are moving into a new house after 32 years in the previous one. We travel 4 or 5 times a year to dental conventions and Continuing Education Class for my husband. We also try to visit our children and grand children once a year (Boise, Minneapolis, Japan). Life is so precious; and time flies faster the oder we get. Growing up was much simpler in our teens than it is now. There is so much the kids today take for granted (cell phones, iPods, wii, cable TV).
Most vivid memory of high school: Pep Club, Latin Club (I still have my toga!) Vietnam! Bobby Kennedy Assassination, The Space Program, 29 cent gasoline! I will miss the reunion because my parents will be visiting - celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary. Send Christine a MessageSend Christine a Message
Janeen Madsen (Halverson)
Minority Executive Assistant, Utah State Senate Married 4 Ripplinger, Silcox Teacher, Jordan School District, Adjunct Teacher, Salt Lake Community College BS degree from BYU. Live in Cottonwood Canyon area. Love, love, love tennis! Love water. Politics matter. Every day is a gift. Its important to challenge your mind every day!
Husband Don Halverson
4 children 3 boys, one girl

Most vivid memory of high school:
Fun Times in Concert Choir and Madrigals.
Fun football and basketball games.
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Merry L. Mahoney (Jones)
Bookkeeper for UCD - Inner City Missionary Married 5 Mr. Morris Goates, Biology - Zoology Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Service Missionary - at LDS Conference Center and Joseph Smith Memorial Building I've lived in Samoa twice to help my husband build the 2 LDS Temples and now work to help in our Company "Connections: An Adventure Learning Center" Count Your Blessings! Be Grateful!
Married to Kenneth Lynn Jones
Children Ryan, Chad, Rachel, Jedd, Tiana Lynn
10 Grandchildren - the Greatest!

Most vivid memory of High School:
High School Basketball and Football Games
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Marcia Marcia Timmerman (Timmerman)
Profile picture
Profile picture
Administrative Assistant Single Again 3 Mr. Powell; Miss Bates Mostly secretarial-type positions, but have also assisted with plastic surgery, driven a beverage cart at Bonneville, modeled muumuus in Waikiki, planned events for the U of U and worked in retail. After high school, I attended the U of U as an art major intending to have a career in interior design. Instead, I married after two years, and became a mom soon after that. I have three great kids and five wonderful grand-darlings. My firstborn arrived while we were living outside of Washington, D.C. We moved back to SLC in 1975, and have been here ever since, although I've lived as far west as Tooele, and am now living in Farmington. After divorcing, I returned to school at the U - completing a Bachelor's degree in drawing and painting, which is helpful when decorating the homes of friends and relatives brave enough to trust me with a paint brush. While completing my degree, I worked for the Theatre Department and after graduation moved to the Alumni Association. I've now been at KUED-TV for nearly 12 years -- at the U for over 20. The purpose of life is to learn.
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Gerri Colleen Mathews (Alldredge)
Teacher - 2nd grade - Washington County Married 5 Senor Gallegos was a favorite teacher of mine. I always enjoyed that part of my day - Spanish. Brother Heidemann at the seminary building helped me the most with my post high school education plans. Director of Preschool - Dixie College I was a stay at home mom for my 5 wonderful children - then started teaching at the Dixie College Preschool. Spent 5 years there. I've been teaching 2nd grade for 18 years. Earned my Masters degree at age 50! Love to teach, travel and ride the 4 wheelers and motorcycle with my husband - Jerry. The one whose judgment counts is the one staring back in the glass.
Married 37 years to Jerry Alldredge.  5 children - 3 girls - 2 boys.  10 grandchildren - 1 grandson has survived childhood leukemia due to excellent care at Primary Childrens' Hospital.

Most vivid memory of high school:  Starting in 9th grade - Leaky roof!  Beautiful fall days at the football stadium.  Near misses in the parking lot leaving school.  The courtyard chats with friends.  Prom nights with special friends.  Skyline was a great time in my life.
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Teresa McCormack (Flegal)
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office manager/ mother/nanna Married 5
Married 35 years to Douglas C. Flegal,(Olympus '64).   He is a Podiatrist  here in Salt Lake.  Pam Chivers lined us up when she was living in San Francisco while her husband was attending Podiatry School and  I'll be forever in her debt.  We have 5 incredible children, 3 girls, and 2 boys.  They  have produced 8 amazing grandchildren so far.(Can you tell I LOVE being a grandma).  Unfortunately all my grandchildren live outside of Utah.  We've always loved traveling, and with the benefits of my sons job at Delta Airlines, we've spread our wings even farther and see them whenever we can.   When not visiting children and grandchildren you can find me seeing the world.  I love sailing, scuba diving and  my personal favorite, reading a good book (preferably on a lovely sandy beach). When home I love my garden and like to get down and dirty planting and harvesting.  I've had some great opportunities in my life.  Several highlights include taking two of my children on a humanitarian expedition to  a small village in the mountains of Mexico and going  with a  friend to Ecuador to work in an orphanage.  If my life were a book,  it would have some "soap opera" drama, a touch of tragedy, lots of comedy,  and then sprinkled generously with intense happiness.  I enjoy the many opportunities that come my way and hope I can learn from each of them.   Life hasn't been perfect but  oh it's  great and I love it!!  I appreciate all who have added to my life by sharing theirs with me.  Send Teresa a MessageSend Teresa a Message
Joanne McDonald (Liddle)
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Married 3
Here I sit in my empty nest thinking back on the good old simple days of life as a child in Salt Lake City.  It was a fine time and I know now that I was blessed to have great family and friends around me.  It prepared me well for life. 

Since leaving Salt Lake in 1973 (the year I married Rodger), I have only missed one reunion and that was the 5th.  It is always fun to see everyone and see how we all have changed and what we are doing.  The 30th was the best so far.

We have lived in Durham, N.C. for almost 22 years after 5 years in Nashville, TN and then 10 years in San Francisco.  It looks like our children are settling down in Durham -- one daughter married and one engaged to be married in the Fall and our son in school at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC.  So I think this is where we will stay.  But, I get back to Salt Lake every summer and it is fun to see some of my dear Skyline (and Wasatch Jr. High) friends Sue Bernick Lyman Whitney, Julie Alger Zimmerman, Jerolee Pickett Maudsley and Judy Robb Bollinger AND I get to stay at my Mom's house and sleep in my old bedroom!  That is pretty cool.  Lord willing, I will see many of you at the 40th reunion!             
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