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Bruce Cutler
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Business Analyst Married 4
Hello everyone.  I expected to see a question about the number of grandchildren which my wife and I have 10.  My wife and I (empty-nesters) still live in Murray where we've lived for the past 30 years.  We love Murray (now known as the the home of David Archuleta!).

I just started a new job three weeks ago (as of 5/1/2008) as a Business Analyst working for LANDesk in South Jordan, after spending over 15 years working as a Software Engineer for Novell in Provo. (Glad I'm not making that commute anymore.)

Looking forward to seeing many of my "old" friends at the reunion.

This is a recent photo of my posterity (so far).
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Terry D'Evelyn
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Reliability Engineer Married 1 Reliability Engineer Like many others I spent most of my time at Skyline laying low & going from one class to the next. Outside of school in those years I spent most of my time working up Mill Creek Canyon at Log Haven. After graduating I spent 4 years at Utah State University getting a BS degree, after just working at Log Haven, I spent a couple more years getting a second BS degree. Then it was off to St Louis, Mo for a couple years with McDonald-Douglas and back to Salt Lake City for several years at Litton. About 20 years ago, I got married to April Blair (Skyline Class of 1977) and we decided to move to Arizona to work for Motorola. That became working for General Dynamics when they bought this division of Motorola. It looks like I’ll stay in Scottsdale, AZ.
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Robert Dale
Judge Married 3 Maj Sylvester Attorney; Judge I joined the LDS Church the summer after high school graduation, and attended the University of Utah until 1970. I then served a mission in Northern California (Spanish Speaking) from 1970-72. Upon returning, Ann McMurray, also from the class of '68, and I married, in 1972; we're still in love and happily married. I graduated with a B.A. degree in Philosophy in 1973 from the U, then from the U. of U. Law School in 1976. I practiced law in Salt Lake City for 34 years, primarily civil litigation in private firms. Since 2010, I've served as a Utah State District Court civil and criminal trial judge in the Second Judicial District, encompassing Davis, Weber, and Morgan Counties. We have three daughters we're very close to, with families of their own, and ten grandchildren. They all live in Davis County. We've lived in Davis County since 1983, primarily in Farmington. We've had a number of foster children over the years; we're also grandparents to their children. In addition to family activities, I've enjoyed church service in many capacities, including bishop. I've also enjoyed, and continue, hunting, fly fishing, riding and packing our horses, backpacking, and our family cabin in Island Park, Idaho. How important families are, and that how we treat others is in large part the measure of our lives.
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Janet Darley
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Retired University lecturer, currently a student rabbi Married Clerk in SL County Elections Department; Assistant Budget Analyst, Salt Lake City Council; Economic Planner, Salt Lake City, Mayor's Office; Economics Lecturer, Kingston University (UK) Well, it's been a busy 40 years! After graduating I went to BYU to study languages, but stopped short of graduating and went to work for the Salt Lake County Elections Department. Eventually I went back to university at the U of U. I took an Economics class and was hooked. I have a BA in Economics and and MPA. I worked for a while as an applied economist for Salt Lake City before moving to London in 1989. I spent the next 15 years lecturing in Economics at Kingston University. I met my husband, Vince Daly, the first day I went to Kingston Uni. We were married in 1991. I took early retirement in 2005 and was accepted into rabbinical school. I will be ordained as a Rabbi in July 2009. It has been an amazing journey. I have certainly ended up somewhere I could never have foreseen in 1968. Funny though, I am finally using all that French I learned from Mme. Morck--at the moment I am translating Rabbis' sermons from 1914 for my rabbinic thesis! So many things--many of which I have forgotten.
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Bonnie Davis (Wilson)
Violin Teacher, Grandmother of 14 Married 6 Mrs. Bates - History, Mr. Bird - Orchestra, Mr. Church - 6th Grade Elementary School Teacher 6th grade, violin teacher 30 years, mother of 6, grandmother of 14, perform with Nachtmusik Utah Valley Symphony I am very happy and love my family. I married Roger in 1970. We have lived in the San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago areas. We are now living in Provo, Utah. I graduated in Elementary Ed with a music minor from BYU. I taught 1 year of 6th grade and then stayed home to raise 6 children. I have almost always taught violin at home (30 years). I have been a member of the Utah Valley Symphony for 16 years. I have also served as R.S. Pres. twice and Primary President. Don't be too hard on yourself. Good friends are worth keeping for a lifetime. Religious beliefs are very valuable in guiding me in my life and can bring great happiness. Being a grandparent is the best time of life. Your family brings you more happiness than anything else in life.
Married to Roger M. Wilson (V.P. Simplifile) Bishop, 6 children (4 boys 2 girls) 14 grandchildren.  We now have 4 married children - all married in the Temple.  Have had 3 sons serve missions.

Memories of high school: I loved Pep Club and the fun friends and times I had there.
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Elizabeth Day (Gloeckner)
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Linda DeWaal (Gardner)
Interior Designer Banking, self employed
Memory of high school: Lined Colleen Taggart up with her High School "Sweet Heart" - Richard Breinholt - Thanks Linda!
Randy Dimmitt
Drywall contractor Married My English teacher Helen McCarty, etc. Hell all of them! Drywall - hand and finish - 37 years All I've done is work, a little play, and life is good! It was fabulous back then. We were making history in every way. And life is still good now!
Married Colleen Hardy
3 daughters

Most vivid memory - The partying, relationships, and dreams of what we were going to do!
Go Skyline Class of '68.  You Rock!
Michael Dixon
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Writer in China for magazine, professor Single 1 Coman McCarthy, Columnist for the Washington Post, Alan Cheuse, Book Reviewer, NPR Waiter, chiller's helper, hotel demolition, gardner, roughneck on oil rigs, truck driver, bartender, oiler on ships, ordinary seaman on ships, hotel manager on cruise ship, contractor for building homes, carpenter, building maintenance occupations continued: attorney, union leader, reporter, writer, musician, college professor, concert organizer, lobbyist, photographer. You name it. I will try it. 1st ascent of Mt Blackadar in the St. Elias Range in Canada (1983). Boxing Champion in Washington State (1979) while in law school. Built a 3 story log house on a homestead in the Alaskan wilderness and lived there for 20 years. Wrote a book (Alaska Bound). Made a CD. Delivered tents to earthquake victims in China (2008). In every tragedy there is a small gift. When you lose, don't lose the lesson. The lesson will be repeated until it is learned. All significant battles are fought within the self. It is amazing what you can do when you didn't know that you could NOT do it.
My son will be getting out of jail soon and should be home for Xmas.  Actually, one son in college in Virginia (but I tried to talk him out of it!)
Most vivid memory of high school: Falling off of Jay Crandall's car, driven by Rick Vos, with a full cast on my leg in front of the Seminary Building.  Of course I was drunk, but I swear I leaped 30 feet backwards on one leg in 2 hops.  I scraped a good deal of skin off my back, but was not caught by Middleton.
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Cheri Duce (Severance)
Banker Married 2 Betty Sue Ross
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