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Laurel wendland
Retired Married 2 Manufacturer clothing rep
Husband Ron.
Stepchildren - 2
Grandkids - 3
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Jennifer Wilde (Gillings)
Strength and Conditioning/Pilates Married 3 Personal Trainer, Real Estate Lived in Portland Oregon and then Park City for 10 years, then back to Millcreek. After our 20th year reunion, I remembered I forgot to go to college, so I entered the U of U at 38 without credit hours. I needed to graduate before any of my kids and I did. The best thing I ever did for myself! Maybe I'll come away from the 40th with another goal.
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Rick (Eric) Williams
Profile picture
Profile picture
Musician/Sales-marketing Single 2 Janitor, auto parts importer, International Freight Sales Bassist for Zola Moon also Lenny G Life is short . . . enjoy your loved ones.
1 son - Derek - age 20
1 daughter - Scarlett - age 27

Most vivid memory of High school: All the good people
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Alice Wilson (Clegg)
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Faculty Advisor Dixie State College Married 7 Dr. Ripplinger...I will never forget his motto above the chalk board "True Discipline is the Ordering of the Self, By the Self" What a wonderful difference he made in my life! Mother for 22 years, then office manager and CFO for retail chain, for 6. The past 5 I have been at Dixie State College as Department Secretary, Adjunct Instructor, and now I am a Faculty Advisor It all began... oh wait. I am one of the rare eagles that flew south for college. I spent 3 years at BYU and then served an LDS mission to Uruguay/Paraguay 1971-1973. I returned to BYU and graduated in April 1974. I met my husband during that last semester and we were married in Nov 1974. In 1978, with 2 kids, I returned to BYU part time to earn a Master's degree in Health Education (I received my degree when I was 6 months pregnant with my 4th child) I have 7 wonderful children - 3 daughters and 4 sons. I have only 1 granddaughter so far.... but anticipate more. I still have 3 kids living at home!! EEK!! I spent 22 years as a stay at home mom while working with nutritional companies on the side. In 1976, my sister and I co-authored a health handbook entitled "Herbally Yours". After living in Provo for 15 years, my husband and I moved our family to Hurricane... down by St. George or Zion National Park. In 1994 I designed the blueprints for my "dream home" and had it built. My children are mostly close... one son and daughter in law in Las Vegas...a quick 2 hour trip, and a daughter and son in law in Layton a long 4.5 hour trip. My life has been full with family, church and work. ... that everyone in high school sees themselves the same way! ... that no matter how bad life seems at times....there is always someone that has it worse. ... that you shouldn't waste energy stressing over things you cannot change. ... to laugh instead of cry, to smile instead of scowl, and to Trust a Higher Power more than myself.
WOW! How fun is this???
I just got a phone call from Chris Cromar.... not sure what her married name is...I forgot to ask!
She gave me the website and details about the reunion and I am going to try and make it for Saturday.  
I have "felt" like a Lost Eagle for sometime now so I am glad someone reached out and found me!  Thanks Chris
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Clark Wright
Real Estate 32 years Imports 10 years
Married to Fei Wright 2006 Send Clark a MessageSend Clark a Message
Wendy Wright (Taylor)
Grandma/Property Manager Married 5
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