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Carol Spencer (Avery)
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Health Educator Married Mr. Powell (art) Activity Leader for S.L. County Parks & Recreation, also Aging Services; Health Educator, S.L.Co. Aging Services & S.L.Valley Health Dept. Personally my life was quite stormy up to the last decade or so. My husband, Lloyd, and I recently celebrated ten wonderful years of wedded bliss. It's the third marriage for both of us (three's the charm!). Lloyd and I are pet parents to a feisty black/gray tabby cat named "Beouf" because he's so beefy. In 1996 I reunited with my birthdaughter, Katy, who lives in Bountiful, is married with four children and teaches science classes to 8th and 9th graders (brave woman!). We have a terrific relationship that is way more sisterly than parental. I find myself in the unique position of matriarch of my family (I still get no respect) with both parents and all grandparents now deceased. Four of my five siblings live in Salt Lake Valley, a sister resides in Albuquerque. Overall, I am blessed. In high school, I was serious and shy, but began to come out of my shell Senior Year. I joined the yearbook staff and can boast of many drawings in the 1968 yearbook - too bad I discovered that satisfying endeavor so late in high school. I was also unexpectedly added to the Honor Society making my parents proud. A favorite teacher was Mr. Powell, in art. I went on to study art at the U of U and finally earned a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts in 1980, accompanied by a sister and an aunt also earning BFA degrees. Though I've always lived in this beautiful, mountain-rimmed valley, I've lost contact with Skyline friends. I attended the twenty-year reunion and am excited about this one. I've gained weight over the years, but decided not to crash diet for the reunion. We're all in the same boat - much more beautiful on the inside than the outside. In fact it's mind-blowing to imagine so many people the same age focused on reuniting! Be flexible and open to new ideas; forget about pleasing people (just be myself); steer clear of abusive people and highly value spirituality, expecting miracles.
I officially retired from Salt Lake County government employment in 2007 after 32 years of service in Parks and Recreation, Aging Services and the Health Dept., yet hardly ready for the rocking chair. Currently I'm double-dipping as a part-time Health Educator for the Injury Prevention program, S.L. Valley Health Dept. (pursuing a full-time position to get back affordable health insurance). I began my career as an Activity Leader, teaching crafts to children, and later taught crafts classes to senior citizens - loved it so much I've worked with older adults ever since. I was promoted to Senior Center Program Specialist and then Health Educator.

An interesting diversion was ten years as a volunteer radio announcer for KRCL 91FM - if my shyness wasn't squelched by then it never would be. I also served in several community organizations and in church (currently I'm the PowerPoint queen for Sunday Services at Adventure Liberty Park Foursquare Church). Six years in Toastmasters international, where I reconnected with Sharon (Funk) Sheranian, took my public speaking and leadership skills to a whole new level. I recently served as President of Utah Gerontological Society ( now the Utah Aging Alliance). 

A fun sideline has been teaching Precious Metal Clay classes at Beaded Puma (SLC) since 2001 and recently Kimball Art Center, Park City. PMC is silver clay that is formed in a myriad of ways and then fired like ceramics in a small kiln. Weaving was my passion in college and my twenties; now transformed to jewelry making. I've always been up to my armpits in crafts!
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Steve Stucki
Retired - LDS Church Family History Dept - 38 Yrs Married 6
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Steven Suter
District Manager Paper Distributor Married 2 District Manager Village Inn Restaurants
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Colleen Taggart (Bliss)
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Now Married 4 Dr. Rippllinger - or was it making the music with the rest of you! Fun ones; Remember the Romantic Motor View Drivein? I sold reheated hamburgers there. A little known fact. Tour boat hostess - Glacier Bay Alaska I have four sons (two from the first marriage and two from the second) six grand children and three "grand doggers". Teaching in the computer lab at Bluffdale Elementary - a 1.5 mile commute - dreamy. Try the website with the grand kids. Jumped into politics - planning commission 8 years, city council 4, Jordan River Parkway Trail, gardening, reading and traveling. Life is good. Hope to see you at the reunion. The smaller the town, the tougher the politics! Even at 58 it is not too late to get your Masters in Instruction Technology! It just takes a little longer and the 20 somethings will help you out! Favorite quote: "Life is precious as it is. All the elements of my happiness are already here. There is no need to run, strive, search or struggle. Just be!" Thich Nhat Hahn
Yes I caught this 100 lb. halibut near Kodiak, Alaska. Yeehaw!  That's me and my husband Rick on the left.  We have been married 23 years this summer.  As Janet Muir says "So it took a Rocket Scientist to make you happy!"  Yes indeed Janet. 

Most vivid memory of high school:  Remember the double rainbow as we lined up for graduation? Playing the base guitar in the girls band with Jeannie, Claudia, Dori?  OK who else was in that band? and Richard Breinholt . . .
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Earl Tanner
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Attorney Divorced 3 Mrs. Fernandez (math) Mrs. Sylvester (debate) just one! I practice law in Salt Lake City in personal injury, business, and estate planning. I enjoy running and am preparing for a triathlon. Do have faith, hope, and charity. Don't be afraid.
Three children and 2 grandchildren.

Most vivid memories:
1.  Rick Rogers
2.  Acting in school plays  
3.  Sophomore football
4.  Giving valedictory speech
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Darron Taylor
Dentist Married 5
Remember the mantra of the 60's: "Never trust anyone over 30."  We old farts haven't been trustworthy since 1980.  5 kids, almost 8 grandkids, lots of gray hair and undisclosed pounds later, here we are planning a 40 year reunion.  It's going to be awesome!  Wendy and I are looking forward to seeing everyone there. Send Darron a MessageSend Darron a Message
Stephen Taylor
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Sales/Marketing Archetectual Paint Divorced Restaurant Manager, Manufactures Rep, Sales Transfered in late Spring 67 enjoyed 15 months, Graduated June 1968 left for San Jose with the 65 Mustang Conv.. Spent 2 yrs C.College Marketing headed back to Gresham OR 1972! Highlights for me have been trip to Swizterland, Living on the Columbia River(floating home )spending time with my brother fishing and now keeping the Harley upright. You can't stop War.

Golden Gate Park was not a good place to hang out.

Hippies were really dirty.

Janis Joplin wasn't very happy.

There is a God and I am not him!
Utah was a great State to see and Skyline was loaded with great young minds.

Sorry to those whom I promised to write!
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Lance Temple
Accountant Married 3 Mr. Ripplinger got me interested in choir music and for a few years I sang in the Mormon Youth Choir. I've always enjoyed music and it has been a gret help to me in times of sorrow. It has been a great part of life. I have been doing budgeting and accounting work for 2 departments of Salt Lake County Government. I was with the Health Dept. for 18 years and have been with the Library Sytem for 12 years. Janice and I were married for 25 years and lived most of our married life in Sandy (several houses). She taught Junior High at West Jordan Middle School and I worked for Salt Lake County. When she died in 2001 our family went through some rough times, mentally, financially and socially. We are all doing better now and my second wife Peggy is great. She keeps me young since she is 17 years younger than me. Never give up. Seek out good friends. Take it easy. Have fun with your family and friends. Help others when needed.
Married my second wife Peggy almost 3 years ago.  My first wife, Janice, died in 2001.  I have 2 children with Janice and now one step daughter with Peggy.  I have 2 grandchildren by my daughter Erin and one by my step daughter Chadelle.  My son Morgan is 22 and single. Send Lance a MessageSend Lance a Message
Gerry Thamert
Clinical Social Worker
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Marilyn Vickers (Kinsey)
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retired social worker Committed Relationship 6
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