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Donna Rogers (Rand)
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retired Widowed 4 Fashion Buyer/Manager Enjoying retirement in the desert and traveling the world.
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Vicki Rowley (Knowlton)
Housewife Married 5 6th grade teacher, executive secretary
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Charles Rowsell
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CIO Married Mrs. West (6th Grade) Mr Crump - Economics Police Officer, Computer Analyst (Software)/Consultant, International Business Development Our perceptions are the product of our experiences and upbringing. Let new experiences enhance and broaden your perceptions.
Forty years, three major careers... I guess I still haven't decided what I want to be when I grow up! Ten years in Los Angeles as a Police Officer for the City of Culver City, (Home of MGM and now Sony Studios to name two.) which was seldom boring and extremely intense on more than a few occasions. A career ending injury and off into the world of software development for Airlines and Banks, using Assembler language and complex high speed real time systems. If anyone flies United or American, or has a reservation using SABRE, some of my coding was probably involved. The same for Visa transactions, as I got around as an employee and consultant over my 15 years in the field. It  gave me the opportunity to live in Europe, see 15 countries and meet my future wife and soulmate. (Took me 10 years to get her to marry me though...) Now I am in a very interesting position dealing with the Chinese Government and major international corporations. ( and It keeps me in Hong Kong far too much and creates a lot of 20 hour work days. When I can, I return to my home in the San Francisco Bay area. 
In the picture, I am standing on the Kowloon side at Ocean Terminal and the Star Ferry building. Behind me is Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island. The tallest building being the International Financial Center (IFC) in Central, with the Bank of China on the left with the white lights forming 'X' boxes.

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Christine Service (Bennion)
Insurance Agent Widowed 2
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Kelly Sheppard
Retired Real Estate Residential Development Married 4 Coach Stevens, telling me that I would never amount to anything when I chose not to play football my senior year Partner in Real Estate-Residential Construction development companies Shortly after returning from an LDS mission to Peru in 1971 I convinced Linda Whipperman (Skyline 1970) to take me on as her life Project, mentoring me as her life companion. Well 36 years later it appears as if she worked the magic-we have shared the experience of raising 4 outstanding daughters. All four are now married and have contributed to our pool of 8 grandkids. Along the way, I have spent most of my professional life focused on community development for Empty Nesters & Boomers. Due to a few heath issues we decided to step out of the development game last fall; I retired in January. For those of you who have not retired, let me warn you it is a tough transition. Two notes of interest: 1st, Linda & I have been blessed to assist with Humanitarian efforts in Peru over the past 11 years, working with Eagle Condor & Chasqui. What a great way to explore the world, your self & the values of your kids. 2nd at age 40 I needed something to get me over the personal value hump--well I began running marathons (I say run-even thought my participation now has evolved more to a shuffle). I have been fortunate to participate in 19 marathons--these have helped my physical & mental heath (by the way I believe Bob Burton has run over 25-he's my hero). Life has been good-hopefully our opportunities to give back will equal all the goodness we have each encountered over the past 40 years. Look forward to seeing many of you. Kelly & Linda Sheppard Don't take yourself too seriously, avoid looking in the mirror (most of us still see ourselves 15 years younger) and lastly charitable opportunities bring energy
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Michael Judd Sheranian
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Musician Married 6

Well I am stilling fiddling around.  Been in the Utah Symphony since '77.  Took two years off and moved to Tucson, AZ to do my doctoral studies.
I teach violin and voice in my private studio, and when I have time, I go to Grantsville to ride my beautiful Arabian mare. This keeps me more or less sane and breaks the stress of a performing musician.  Our children are wonderful and accomplishing great things.  We have a couple of grandchildren and look forward to more.  
We recently moved into a condo down town and are loving being close to work now that gas is so expensive.  We recently rediscovered bike riding and love to ride from home to Liberty Park circle a few time and come home.  Looking forward to seeing you soon.
Judd Sheranian 

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Karin Siggard (Carling)
retired Married 4 working at the motor-vu drive-in with a bunch of you - great memories -now I'm a retired middle school teacher I met my husband Ron on my first day as a college kid at BYU. It was a good thing that I was in pep club because I have been cheering at basketball games ever since. His passion for coaching has taken us all over the world. We lived in Australia for two years and then one year in Hawaii. When the kids were in school, I went back to BYU to finish my degree and I taught school for 11 years. What crazy years those were! It's a good thing I was a lot younger then. Our two boys played basketball for their dad at Alta and then we both retired. Now we split our time between Sandy and Cedar City where Ron coaches at SUU with Roger Reid. We're having a blast. Now, if only we could win! We have 9 grandkids that keep us busy. I love to travel on Eurail, hike, garden and fix up the house.
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Robyn Sims
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Bookkeeper Married 1 Mr. Ripplinger & Mr. Wilson Bookkeeper, Karaoke DJ, Riding Instructor & Minister
Wow! 4o years...unbelievable!  I'm so blessed that I made it through my cancer so that I could meet up with all of you again!  My life would certainly make for an interesting book.  I have lived in the Teton Valley of Idaho (over the mountain from Jackson) for 10 years on a little farm with my husband of 12 years, my horses, my cats, the eagles, deer and occasional skunk.  After working on a dude ranch as a lady wrangler for a while,  I started my own bookkeeping company and I am also the karaoke DJ in this valley.  I also am blessed to be able to share my gift of intuitive card reading with so many who are in a troubled place in their life.  (One has to wear many hats in order to make a living up here!)

My son is a realtor with Keller Williams in Salt Lake and his wife is a nurse and as of yet, they have not had time to bless me with any grandkids! 

We may not have much money but we have peace and freedom which is so important to this very independent  old woman!  Looking forward to re-connecting with so many of you at the reunion and hopefully staying in touch afterwards!

Robyn "Angel" Sims
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Daniel C. Snarr
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Mayor of Murray City, Utah Married 5 November 1997 - Elected Mayor of Murray City, Utah. Determined to make it the "Best City in America". I'm now in my third term. It's been a great learning experience about what's both good and bad in Utah and National politics. I gave a talk once in church titled "Christ-Like ideals in Utah Politics" of which there are none! Have five children and three grandchildren. I lost my youngest son Denver to a pain killer addiction in 2007 when he took too much methadone to help him get off the pain killers. He had no fear, but was hurt several times and had numerous surgeries and became addicted to the pain killers. We miss him, but life goes on. It's nice to have nice things, but being nice is more important than having nice things. At the end of this life, we won't be remembered for what we had as much as we will for what we did with what we had to help others. Service is the key to happiness. "Hatred destroys. Love heals and builds. Those who chose to be lovers of humanity will have much more rewarding and satisfying lives." - Dan Snarr Favorite Quote: "What is the essence of life? To serve others and to do good." Aristotle
Attended the U of U for one year after graduation.  Joined the 19th Special Forces in April 1969.  Went on active duty in August 1969. Basic training and advance individual training at Fort Leonard Wood Missouri. Jump School at Fort Benning, Georgia. Gorilla Warfare Training and Special Forces Training at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.  Graduated as Special Forces Green Beret, Demolition Expert.
Decided at age 21 to go on an LDS Mission - went to Scotland and loved serving.  (Came to realize later on in life that who I am today was in large part a result of my military training and serving a mission.  Learned a very important mantra in the military - Prior Planning Prevents Pathetically Poor Performance - or as we called it the 6 "P's for Success.  My mission taught me that ones life in service to others is a life well lived. Came home from my mission and went back to the U of U.  worked my way through school driving semi tractor trailers.  Loved the open road and the big rigs.  Married April Thompson (Skyline Graduate 1971). Although she's almost 4 years younger than me I thought I could train her to obey, but I came to realize after two weeks of marriage that she was the boss.  It's helped me stay married for 35 1/2 years. Graduated from the U of U in Mass Communications with a minor in both marketing and Finance.  I tell everyone I gos a BS in BS from the U and have earned my masters in BS dealing with politics for the last 10 1/2 years as Mayor of Murray, Utah.  If I last one more term, I'll have earned my doctorate in BS.  Politics is a tough business but can be very rewarding. Worked for several years in sales and marketing for Fortune 500 Companies.  They wanted me to move around the contry, but I didn't want to leave the mountains in Utah.  The last Fortune 500 Company I worked for was US Steel Alside.  They sold the company and I was let go.  But I always had others working for me on the side while I was working for someone else.  Went to work for myself full time and made good money which I invested in land and other businesses.  I now own a few dozen FedEX Franchises in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland with other partners.  I later sold the rest of my businesses as I've been too busy being the Mayor, but I have kept the land.
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Ann Sorenson (Reid)
Program Coordinator/Ski Instructor Married 2 Ted Wilson and Bonnie Bates Have loved living in Boulder the past 26 years. Worked the corporate life in sales and marketing and then was able to stay home and be a mom. Now I am a program coordinator at a private school and this winter will be my eighteenth year as a ski instructor at Copper Mountain. Surround yourself with good people who make you laugh. Have a best friend for the journey!
Married to Cameron 25 years - he is wonderful and very patient.
Son Christopher is a senior in college at Montana State.
Daughter Allie is a sophomore at the University of Colorado.
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