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Bill Airsman Now
Bill Airsman Now
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Bill Airsman
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Security Specialist Married Ray Gilbert, Bates, Coaches - not Hathaway Left SLC in 1989 - Michigan 3 years - Santa Fe - Denver 1992. Left teaching 1991. Currently work at home for IBM how little I know. Most vivid memory - Football practices out in back of school. My first date with Joanne McDonald
Hi All,

It's great to have this opportunity to see some of you again!  From reading some of the entries it sounds to me like we're still a pretty young group.  After all, many of us have 30 years to go, right? :0)

I just got married on June 19th, to the beautiful Celeste Melville from the Adirondack village of Corinth.  We live in Denver, enjoying the good life as I hope all of you are.

See you Soon!

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Robert Alm
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Engineering Technology Married 2 Mr. Brooksby Design Engineer, Engineering Management, Advanced Technology Development Back in our High School days, I used to spend my time building radio transmitters using parts from old TV sets. I am still doing that today, but not with old TV parts. Now I use & help to develop advanced technology, and we build transmitters and receivers for radar systems at Raytheon ... One of the largest Defense Contractors in the country. Some people never change! Since High School I have lived in California, Oregon, Arizona, Utah (again), Washington, and now we are in New Hampshire ... All career related moves. I still visit SLC a few times a year to visit family, and I even give Career Day talks at Skyline when they invite me! My wife Patty and I recently celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary, and we have two daughters. The oldest served in the Army for 5 years, and since has made me a Grandfather twice. The younger daughter is a Senior at the U of U this year majoring in Elementary Education. Will she stay in SLC, or return to New Hampshire???? Only the future will tell. We will have an update for our 50th reunion! Aging is inevitable. Health is the No. 1 MOST important thing. Vietnam was just one of a never-ending parade of conflicts. Life is precious ... As demonstrated by our "In Memoriam" section.
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Stan Anderson
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Retired Divorced 1 Helen Handley, English 35 years in the Telecommunications industry and counting. Got married at 42, had a son, Tyler, at 44, got divorced at 45. Life is good! I have lived in East Millcreek for the last 20 years. Retired in January, sold my SLC home in August and moved to St. George on August 26th, 2013. I had purchased a home in St. George in early 2011. I'm done with the snow! Tom Calegory lives a few blocks away, so we have been able to get together often and enjoy life! I was able to serve our fine community during the Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympics and Paralympics as a volunteer driver. It was a great experience! Like most of you, I was immensely proud of how Salt Lake planned and conducted the Games. I have taken a vacation trip each summer for the last 20 or so years to Boise, ID, to visit with Bruce Bevan and his family. We catch up what is new in our lives, have a few beers, play a little golf, and I watch Bruce, Bruce's grandson, and my son fish. Great people! Get in touch before you head to St. George or pass through and we'll get together! Life IS good! Life is about change, change is going happen, so try to embrace it! Don't worry about things that you can't control. ENJOY!
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Jackie Armitage (Cleminsa)
Club House Manager - Willow Creek Country Club Widowed 1 Mrs. Wallace (English) Law Firm Administator Not to take life so serious. Stop and smell the roses along the way.
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Marged Ashton (Kirkpatrick)
Education Director - This Is the Place Heritage Park Married 2 Donald Ripplinger and Miss Bates Married a widower when I was 43. Became an instant wife, mother, grandmother. Husband is now a retired dentist and the best man ever! Worth the wait! We work together at This Is the Place. My husband and I served a mission for the LDS Church in West Africa from 2002-2004 and loved it.
2 children (l deceased)
4 grandchildren

Most vivid memory of high school: Early morning practices for Pep Club and Concert Choir
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Susan Bernick (Whitney)
Retired Married 2 Mrs. Silcox, Mrs. Huston (Jr. High) Reporter - Deseret News Married to Gary Whitney. One 30 year old son - John Lyman, one 27 year old daughter - Maggie Lyman. A step son and step daughter and their spouses. 4 grand kids This country can't seem to avoid wars. Memories Mrs. Huston in Junior high who said "If you can read, you can cook." Most vivid memory of high school is sitting in the bleachers during a football game with the sun on Mt Olympus and the smell of fall in the air.
Bruce Bevan
Rural Carrier - USPS Married 2 Mr. Gallegos, Mrs. Astin Pharmaceutical Sales 18 1/2 years, Marketing Director - Open MRI - 4 years We have lived in Boise 33 years. We golf and enjoy the outdoors. That we don't have control over most of life. Focus on your daily living and life will happen.
Married 35 years
2 children
9 grandchildren

Most vivid memory: Graduation Night - Robert Kennedy shot.
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Robbie Bird (Snow)
retail associate Married 2
Hi Everyone,
  Finally, got it together to make it to the reunion. Looks really fun, to see everyone.  Let's see. After graduation I went to work for The Salt Lake Tribune in the Lifestyle Department. Attended the University of Utah and Westminster College. Married Nick Snow (East '66). I DID NOT MARRY TOM MITCHELL. Nick and I have been married  35 years and have 2 grown children--no grandchildren. He worked at The Deseret News and we got married at Snowbird (SNOW-BIRD--get it) anyway we moved to Washington DC after a year's fellowship to Standford.
In Washington I have worked for the National Women's Political Caucus. Woodward and Lothrop (sort of ZCMI) in their public relations office; been a stay at home mom; work for a real estate appraiser; covered Congressional Hearings for a News Service, and am now working in a costume/tuxedo store. The latter grew out of a realized passion to work in theatre and becoming involved with a local community theatre group. That's it in a nutshell.  (I DID NOT MARRY TOM MITCHELL).  See you all September 12.  Robbie
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Garrison Bliss
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Physician Married 2 Mrs Sylvester - helped me lose my fear of public speaking, and I haven't stopped yacking since. Physician, President of the Society for Innovative Medical Practice Design, President Qliance Medical Group After high school I spent 4 years getting my bachelors degree at Harvard College. My initial interest was in Philosophy, but I morphed over to Biology in order to complete my premed requirements. I completed medical school at the University of Utah and did an Internal Medicine internship and residency at the University of Washington. I have been in the private practice of Internal Medicine in Seattle since. I married Suzanne Wu in 1973. We met in Boston while we were both in college. I have since learned a lot about Asian culture and she has learned about the complexity of being married to an eccentric. We will have celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. We have 2 terrific children. They have both graduated from college and are forging independent lives. Michael works as a network/telephone specialist at Microsoft. Erica just completed a 2 year stint in Africa working with Technoserve to establish a Mango industry in Uganda, organizing 17,000 farmers. She has returned to the US to get her MBA at Haas Business School (Berkeley). Neither is married. In 1997 I started the 2nd monthly fee primary care medical practice in the United States. I have been involved in a national movement to bring some sanity to medicine - using inexpensive market driven solutions. My most recent effort is Qliance Medical Management Group - which I hope will revolutionize the way Primary Medical Care is provided and paid for in this country. We have opened 5 clinics in our first 5 years in the Seattle Area and we have plans to expand nationally. You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might just get what you need...
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Jona Borthick (Hansen)
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Profile picture
banker Committed Relationship 2 Dr. Ripplinger and Mr. Budge File clerk, typist, wife, mother, housekeeper, appraiser, statistical analyst, farmer, rancher, gardener, student, philospher, lover, benefactor Went to work for Salt Lake Count summer 1968 - retired August, 1996 - Went to Westminster College, fall 1968 - graduated may, 1972 in Elem. Ed/English B.A. - Married May 1970 - 2 children, divorced may, 1984 - remarried August 1989, divorced, July, 1999 - Working for Zions Bank Since December 2002. how to recycle - people die - life is tough - there is joy in hard work, children, continuity, old friends

Hey all!  I'm so glad we have these reunions every 10 years to catch up and re-connect.  I've been married and divorced 3 times.  YIKES!  The picture is of Michael and me on the front porch of the home we have shared for the past 2 1/2 years.  He will be with me at the reunion.
I have 2 children.  Greta is 29 and lives in California with her sweetheart and his son.  She has her MFA, and works as a Lighting and Technical Designer for a local theater.  Bo is 26 and lives in Denver with his sweetheart and her daughter.  Bo just started school to become a pharmacist after serving 5 years in the Navy.
I work as a banker in Salt Lake following retirement from my 30-year career with Salt Lake County.  We enjoy our farm/home with a goat, a dog, and 2 cats.  Mike and I travel as much as possible.
Can;t wait to see you all!

Most vivid memory of high school: The only day I ever sluffed school, driving up Millcreek Canyon with Joe Scott in his MG with the top down, Junior year, spring, 1967

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