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Jerald King
Physician Married 7 LDS mission (Mexico, 1970-72) Married Marjorie Matheson (1974) BS, BYU (1975) MD, Univ of Utah (1977) Residency Pediatrics (1977-80) Military Pediatrician (1980-82) Fellowship Neonatology (1982-84) Neonatologist U of Utah (1984-current) Physician, Desert Storm (1991) Medical Director U of Utah Newborn ICU (1991-current),Professor of Pediatrics

Wife, Margey (Skyline, 1970), currently part-time teacher, 5th grade, Bonneville Elementary.

All children graduated from East high school, 5 married, 10 grandchildren as of Oct 2008.

Activities I enjoy: running (last marathon, 2003), backpacking, gardening, teaching. 

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Elizabeth Knudsen (Merrell)
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Michael Koning
Attorney Married 5 H. G. Linford Over 30 years in Las Vegas practicing law; living in the desert, raising kids, "growing up" myself. I've kissed Elizabeth Taylor on the lips! Kicked Melvin Belli's butt in court and made Dennis Rodman pay for groping a male casino dealer. Most vivid memory of hight school: Football games and Pep Rallies, smell of roofing tar in the fall - buckets in the hallways. Mayor Dan Snarr forgetting to put his track shorts on under his sweats. Listening to loud rock and roll really does make you "deaf". Not everyone thinks the way I do (Although, they should!) Life is a journey, not a destination.
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Paul Kowallis
Profile picture
Profile picture
Chemical Engineer Married 7 Darrell Clegg, Donald Budge and Morris Goates I've worked as a chemical engineer since graduating from the UofU, with my Masters, in 1977. After high school I served an LDS mission to North Germany and one of my assignments was in Berlin where my grandfather was born (it included Checkpoint Charlie). Upon returning, I met and married Kaye Chamberlain (American Fork HS '68) with whom I have been happily married for 35 years and we have been blessed with four daughters and three sons. I went to the University of Utah and graduated with an MS in Chemical Engineering in 1977. Kaye and I then moved to Texas where I worked for Union Carbide for three years. We returned to the intermountain area in 1980 to be closer to family. I have worked for Monsanto Company in Soda Springs, Idaho since then. I have worked in the community as president of our local homeowners association, served on the board and currently as president of the community theater guild, served as Scoutmaster several time and have served as Bishop of my ward. So far we have been blessed with four darling grandchildren. My hobbies and passions include reading, life-long learning, hiking and backpacking (even with my new knee). I don't do technical climbing, but I love the view from the top of a mountain. In most situations, life is what you make it to be. Most people are good. Laugh at yourself when you deserve it. Enjoy the little things: a baby's grin and laugh; your spouse holding your hand; the pleasure of a well-written book; the never-ending grandeur of God's creation. Don't forget to set pleasurable goals for yourself.
Forty years sure goes fast!  Looking forward to renewing old acquaintances.  Wish we could get a tour of the school. Send Paul a MessageSend Paul a Message
Robert Kronner
Tamara Kruger (Kempe)
homemaker Married 4 registered nurse, homemaker, helped with husband's business during the busy times. Lived in the NW since 1977. Our son is in the Marines. Our daughters have all graduated from college (2 masters degrees, 1 bachelors). I've worked (volunteered) with the Boy Scouts of America for 17 years working with units and doing training and running Cub Scout Day Camps. It's interesting to see how life unfolds and where we all end up. High school is only one step on the path of life.
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Kurt Lindorff
Auto Dealership - Engine Building Machine Shop Military (Army) Construction - BMW Western District V.P.
Christine Lorenzen (Keim)
Dental Office Receptionist/Accounts receivable Married 3 Mrs. Ross (Latin) Teacher, Day Care Provider We are moving into a new house after 32 years in the previous one. We travel 4 or 5 times a year to dental conventions and Continuing Education Class for my husband. We also try to visit our children and grand children once a year (Boise, Minneapolis, Japan). Life is so precious; and time flies faster the oder we get. Growing up was much simpler in our teens than it is now. There is so much the kids today take for granted (cell phones, iPods, wii, cable TV).
Most vivid memory of high school: Pep Club, Latin Club (I still have my toga!) Vietnam! Bobby Kennedy Assassination, The Space Program, 29 cent gasoline! I will miss the reunion because my parents will be visiting - celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary. Send Christine a MessageSend Christine a Message
Janeen Madsen (Halverson)
Minority Executive Assistant, Utah State Senate Married 4 Ripplinger, Silcox Teacher, Jordan School District, Adjunct Teacher, Salt Lake Community College BS degree from BYU. Live in Cottonwood Canyon area. Love, love, love tennis! Love water. Politics matter. Every day is a gift. Its important to challenge your mind every day!
Husband Don Halverson
4 children 3 boys, one girl

Most vivid memory of high school:
Fun Times in Concert Choir and Madrigals.
Fun football and basketball games.
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Merry L. Mahoney (Jones)
Bookkeeper for UCD - Inner City Missionary Married 5 Mr. Morris Goates, Biology - Zoology Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Service Missionary - at LDS Conference Center and Joseph Smith Memorial Building I've lived in Samoa twice to help my husband build the 2 LDS Temples and now work to help in our Company "Connections: An Adventure Learning Center" Count Your Blessings! Be Grateful!
Married to Kenneth Lynn Jones
Children Ryan, Chad, Rachel, Jedd, Tiana Lynn
10 Grandchildren - the Greatest!

Most vivid memory of High School:
High School Basketball and Football Games
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